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login sfxThu 29th Oct pm. Login. Username: Password: Forgotten your password? Register as a new user? Copyright © SFX Dashboard. A division of. St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College SFX Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (​VLE) Contact: moodle-support@catalogshow.ru SFX Website.

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School Timings Admissions and Withdrawals A candidate who has attended any recognized School cannot be admitted login sfx a Transfer Certificate from the school she has last attended and in the case of candidate coming from schools login sfx Karnataka State, the certificate login sfx be countersigned by the Education Inspector of the State from which they come.

Login sfx attendance, habitual idleness and disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the student.

Login sfx

The application submitted to the school office for login sfx Transfer Certificate should have the Signature of both parents. This is compulsory. No Transfer Login sfx will be issued unless fees and other dues have been fully paid.

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Recommendations to Parents The School aims at providing login sfx all-round education login sfx its students therefore the parents are expected to co-operate fully in the task of education by seeing to the regular studies of the child and by encouraging her to participate in the activities of the school for maintaining physical and mental well being.

Parents are allowed to meet the teachers only after obtaining permission from the Principal.

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If your ward gets three remarks, parents will be summoned. Please notify the school login sfx any change in your address or https://catalogshow.ru/account/how-to-have-bitcoin-account.html number immediately.

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Saturday has been declared as a holiday to be used for Medical appointments login sfx any other purpose the child needs to attend to. No half day leave will login sfx granted from Monday to Friday.

Login sfx

Your co login sfx operation will be highly appreciated if you leave and pick your child at the school entrance gate. When communicating with the Principal, login sfx the standard and division of your login sfx.

Parents should make their complaints directly to the school authorities if any, and not login sfx the class teachers.

Never criticize the teacher in the presence of your ward. You are requested to meet the principal only regarding any matter concerning teachers. Leave of Absence Students should be punctual and attend school regularly.

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No leave of absence is granted except for serious reasons and only on previous written application of the parents and guardian. All the students are expected to attend school on the reopening day after each vacation. login sfx


Tardy arrivals after vacations are login sfx to be penalized. Failure to login sfx so may result in the student being sent home in which buy league cheap the school disclaims all responsibility.

School Discipline Students should attend school regularly and be punctual. School begins with assembly at 8. School Gates will be closed at 8.

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In this case the school disclaims all responsibility towards late comers. Leaving the premises during school hours requires written permission from the Principal. Lunch should be brought to school.

No delivery of lunch at the school gate. This is to take precaution to avoid all danger. Students should realize that they login sfx responsible to the login sfx authorities not only for their conduct login sfx the school, but also for their general behavior outside.

Any reported objectionable conduct is liable for disciplinary action.

Login sfx

Every student is urged to contribute to the high tone of the school by her good manners login sfx lady like conduct. Care of the school property and cleanliness of the school login sfx is the duty of every student.

Login sfx

Expenses incurred on damage of school property will be borne login sfx all responsible. Students must take care of their belongings. School authorities are not responsible for any loss, login sfx or theft. No collection for any purpose whatsoever is allowed.

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A school canteen is provided on the premises. Students are prohibited to buy food from vendors at the school login sfx.


Parents https://catalogshow.ru/account/buy-ranked-league-of-legends-accounts.html also login sfx their children from doing so.

Every pupil must possess a copy of the school calendar which is to be brought to school on all days and followed carefully. School Uniform All students should wear the prescribed school uniform on all school days, for school functions login sfx when login sfx the school as a group.

Login sfx

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