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Star wars timeline calendar

star wars timeline calendarAs for the calendar, everything in the Star Wars galaxy is dated relative to the Battle of Yavin, where Luke Skywalker blew up the first Death Star. So Star Wars:​. Lucasfilm has revealed a new Star Wars calendar system - and this time it's dated around the sequel trilogy, not A New Hope.

Star wars timeline calendar

The timeline is sorted into categories and organised chronologically relative to the the Battle of Yavin, as seen in the original Star Wars movie. Official Canon Timeline A star wars timeline calendar timeline of Star Wars media, sorted according to their time-frame relative to the Battle of Yavin, seen in the original Star Wars movie.

This timeline only includes media considered " canon " by star wars timeline calendar Lucasfilm Story Group since Disney acquired the Star Wars star wars timeline calendar.

The Star Wars Legends Timeline is sorted into officially recognised eras.

Star Wars: The Complete Legends History - Star Wars Explained

Formerly known as the Expanded Universe, these stories here no star wars timeline calendar considered " canon ".

Before the Republic era 37, - 25, BBY These are the early days of galactic civilisation as we know it.

Star wars timeline calendar

The Je'daii Order is in it's infancy on Tython, and the dreaded Rakatan Infinite Empire has enslaved much of the known galaxy. Old Republic era 25, - 1, BBY The Galactic Republic is now star wars timeline calendar major power in the galaxy, protected by its guardian force of Jedi Knights, but the evil Dark Lords of the Sith will stop at nothing to disrupt this peace.

The Star Wars Calendar

Rise of the Empire era 1, - 0 BBY With the Sith seemingly defeated, star wars timeline calendar Republic enters a golden age of peace and prosperity that is shattered by the menace of the sinister Sith plot star wars timeline calendar ignites the Clone Wars.

By facing the Empire's ultimate weapon the Rebel Alliance can finally become a force to be reckoned with.

Star wars timeline calendar

New Republic era 5 - star wars timeline calendar ABY With the tattered remnants of the Imperial forces routed from Coruscant it seems as though the darkest days star wars timeline calendar in the past, and a New Republic has emerged to restore justice to the galaxy.

One hundred years later a new Sith Empire rules the galaxy.

Star wars timeline calendar

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