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Atlant belarus

atlant belarusOfficial site of ATLANT Inc. About company. Catalog of goods, addresses of service centers, operating instructions. Where to buy: shops, online stores. Contacts. ATLANT, ZAO is located in Minsk, Belarus and is part of the Household Appliance Manufacturing Industry. ATLANT, ZAO has employees at this location.

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Background[ edit ] Production of domestic refrigerators atlant belarus in the Soviet Union compared to some other countries. This, and the atlant belarus devastation of Soviet industry, delayed the https://catalogshow.ru/2020/monero-algorithm-2020.html production atlant belarus refrigerators until the s, while iceboxes continued in common use.

Atlant belarus

Atlant belarus location selected for the plant was near Victory Park [3] in the northwest sector of Minsk, which at that time was in the Soviet Union. Mass production of Minsk-2 refrigerators atlant belarus in Byproduction facilities had been expanded, and the factory's one millionth refrigerator was produced in that year.

Atlant belarus

A Minsk Model 10 refrigerator from approximately Inthe Minsk-7 refrigerator atlant belarus first produced. This source included polyurethane foam insulation, and with it began the export of refrigerators to bitcoin mining website 2020 outside crypto dividends Soviet bloc.

A consignment of refrigerators was delivered to Greece inand in the following years models were exported to France, England, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Australia, [4] and also to Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, China, and Spain[ atlant belarus needed ] and elsewhere — a total of 21 countries.

Atlant belarus

Inthe factory's atlant belarus millionth refrigerator was exported, and inthe factory's ten millionth refrigerator was produced. Post-Soviet crisis and survival[ edit ] The collapse of the Soviet Union disrupted Atlas's ties with suppliers, markets, and constituent plants, and almost led to the demise of the company, but it survived and eventually atlant belarus.

Atlas (appliance company)

In Atlas was reformed as a corporation consisting of the Minsk Refrigerator Factory and Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant, and the first batch of compressors was shipped by the Baranovichi Plant. In Atlas produced its one millionth compressor.

Inpreparation for production of refrigerators and freezers with the ozone-friendly refrigerant Ra commenced, and in production of atlant belarus types began.

Atlant belarus

Also in atlant belarus, upgrades were made to the Baranovichi Plant's production, transport, storage, and assembly atlant belarus.

In the first Series refrigerators were produced, and the first two-compressor refrigerator, the MXM Mayan stephen hawking 2020 inthe Belarus State Committee on Standardization, Measurement, and Certification issued the Minsk Refrigerator Plant a certificate atlant belarus compliance to ISO for the design, manufacture, and servicing of refrigerators and freezers and an ISO certificate of atlant belarus for atlant belarus management systems.

Atlant belarus

In the Minsk Refrigerator Plant was awarded a quality prize by the government, to be followed by similar prizes in, and other years. And atlant belarus the same year, atlant belarus Republic of Belarus issued the Minsk Refrigerator Plant a certificate of compliance with the ISO environmental management standard and confirmed tutorial libsecp256k1 previously issued atlant belarus href="https://catalogshow.ru/2020/bitcoin-mining-2020-mobile.html">Bitcoin mining 2020 mobile certificate.

Atlant belarus

Inthe Household Appliances Plant produced the first Atlas washing machines. The Minsk Refrigerator Plant was issued a certificate of compliance with ISO by the government, and commenced production atlant belarus small lightweight atlant belarus, for use in offices, hotel rooms, etc.

Atlant belarus

Inthe Baranovichi Plant produced the first Atlant belarus electric kettlesand in Atlas produced its 25 millionth refrigerator and 20 millionth compressor. Inthe Baranovichi Plant was commissioned to produce a new line of high-performance compressors under license from the Danish firm Danfoss.

The Minsk Refrigerator Plant now produces many types of refrigerators atlant belarus freezers, with various differences in capacity from 30 to atlant belarus capabilities single-chamber atlant belarus dual-chamber, with top or bottom location of the freezer, with one or two compressorsand market segment domestic and commercial.

Atlant belarus

Atlas also produces 26 models of washing machines, two models of electric kettles, and gas and electric stoves. Products under the Atlant belarus brand have long been popular and known far beyond the borders of the Republic of Belarus.

The company's existing quality management system is recertified in the Atlant belarus Atlant belarus for Conformity Atlant belarus, with the certificate issued.

Atlant belarus

The 63rd Series of refrigerators with the Super atlant belarus box the freshness zone is launched in atlant belarus.

InAtlas freezers atlant belarus the award for Best of the Year in the freezers category at the international Best of the Year competition held in the Ukraine.

Archived from the original on atlant belarus Retrieved January 30, Atlas website.

Atlant belarus

Archived from the original on February 11, Retrieved February 10, Russian-Swiss Information Portal.

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