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Devcon 2019

devcon 2019THIS IS DEVCON Featuring over 40 in-depth sessions and technical workshops, the 2-day Liferay Developer Conference is a great opportunity to gain​. Inspired by DevTalks Reimagined, the first and largest tech expo-conference in Romania that we organized this June, DevCon Live is a technology hub.

Devcon 2019 my 6th DevCon and my 9th year working in the space flew by, we said goodbye to DevCon forever.

Devcon 2019

Here are the highlights from my attendee and speaker perspective. This year, they had devcon 2019 go to a conference room before devcon 2019 where videographers devcon 2019 footage of us, one by one, walking into a room and sitting on a stool.

Devcon 2019

No explanation came…until the keynote on Tuesday morning. It was a different opening devcon 2019


FileMaker, the product, remains the same. Devcon 2019 click the following article corporation is rebranding to become Claris International, Inc.

This was DEVCON 2019: Watch the recap video!

So, as part of the announcement, the organizers played devcon 2019 video we unknowingly devcon 2019 make on Sunday devcon 2019. Turns out the speakers got to be part of the announcement advertisement for Claris.

Devcon 2019

I love the diversity in the video — men, women, devcon 2019 devcon 2019. For those of you unaware, FileMaker was devcon 2019 named Claris. So, this rename is nostalgic and was greeted positively.

Devcon 2019

devcon 2019 Other exciting news devcon 2019 that Claris will be adding products under its belt, starting with Claris Connect.

This new product is very intriguing.

Devcon 2019

Think of it as a high-end Zapier. Talking Money with Your Clients Devcon 2019 money with your https://catalogshow.ru/2019/8-ball-pool-hack-android-2019.html can be devcon 2019 big challenge to most small business owners.

It was the topic of my session this year.

Learn. Connect. Collaborate.

The presentation expanded upon the discussion I led at PauseOnError in And, a big one: stop working if devcon 2019 stop getting paid.

The video will be posted on YouTube devcon 2019 the next month or so and I will update this post with the link when that happens.

Devcon 2019

Our group continues to grow and serve the community. I learn and network in the devcon 2019 bar more than I do at other events specifically designed for networking. Colleagues and clients are ubiquitous.

Devcon 2019

And, everywhere you go, you see an old friend. Devcon 2019 Proof Devcon 2019 hosted another great party to end the conference. devcon 2019

DevCon '19 Opening Keynote

Devcon 2019 year, I had the added experience of enjoying my Master Mavens Mastermind group. It was great to connect — even if devcon 2019 during the midst of bouncing from social activity to networking event to conference session.

Devcon 2019

That group devcon 2019 women helped devcon 2019 with the link formation of my business and I am so grateful for the support and friendship of all five of them.

The conference has been renamed. Change is exciting, so count me in!

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